Sample Proposal on Learning Centre for Cerebrally Palsied and Mentally Retarded Children

Children with disabilities are the most vulnerable in the groups. The children with the complaints of Cerebrally Palsied and Mentally Retarded are suffering a lot by the family, by the community. With the technical guidance and assistance, the family members and society can change their approaches towards the Mentally Retarded and Cerebrally Palsied. If you are concerned at solving the problem faced by Cerebrally Palsied and Mentally Retarded Children and want to promote quality learning … [Read more...]

Sample proposal on Sustainability Early Childhood Development center through Capacity Building

Early Childhood Development is the foundation for the advancement of the world and the capacity to meet the economic growth of the nation. To give better development chances to the children the Early Childhood Development Center (ECD) is established to lift quality training to youngsters, advancing parental instruction, mindfulness raising efforts and giving nourishing backings to youth, babies that cultivate intellectual and physical advancement. Majority of the children, communities under … [Read more...]

Sample Proposal on Empowering Women to Become Self Reliant

Empowering and educating women plays a significant role in the development of the world, Any nation can't progress if the women of the nation are not much empowered. Women empowerment would generally mean encouraging women to be independent economically, have positive self-esteem, self-reliant, generating confidence to face difficult situations, incite active participation in various socio-political development endeavors and live life freely. The Majority of the women's struggles with the … [Read more...]

Sample Proposals on Sustainable Skills and Empowerment Program

Young people are some of the greatest change-makers and innovators we have. Young minds generate more fresh and innovative ideas that lead to the development of any country. But, today youth is facing some serious challenges regarding skills and jobs. It is the situation of utter worry that the limited exposure to the vocational and sustainable skills development opportunities has restricted the creative abilities of children and young people. Most of the youth in developing economies are … [Read more...]

Sample Proposal on Alternate Livelihoods through Integrated Farming and Aquaculture in Bangladesh

Today livelihoods and sustainable food production have emerged as serious issues around the globe, Developing nations struggling to manage these issues and also have to contend with the dual burden of climate change and globalization. It has been accepted by everyone across the globe that sustainable development is the only way to promote the rational utilization of resources and environmental protection without hampering economic growth. Developing countries around the world are promoting … [Read more...]

Sample Proposal on Increasing Awareness of HIV/AIDS

If we look at the report of UNAIDS, there were approximately 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS in 2017. Of these, 1.8 million were children younger than the age of 15 years). An estimated 1.8 million individuals worldwide became newly infected with HIV in 2017 – about 5,000 new infections per day. Looking at such a gigantic number and then understanding the fact that AIDS/HIV can be prevented, make it even more important to raise awareness about AIDS. Further, not just about the … [Read more...]

Sample Proposal on Capacity Building for Prevention of Intergroup and Interpersonal Violence and Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts – Uganda

Are you an NGO working to uplift the youth in your community or to channelize their energy for their good? Are you working to prevent intergroup and interpersonal violence in your area? Do you want donors to fund you for your capacity building programs? Do you require some help in drafting your proposal to your donor to fund you for your Conflict Resolution Program? If these are your concerns and you also wish to bring the youth of your community to get progressive and use their energies, … [Read more...]

Sample Proposal on Economic Empowerment for Youth and Vulnerable People – Nepal

Youth is known for its energy and valor. However, if not channelized properly, this energy can end up either being disruptive or underutilized. This is the reason a lot of programs are being run by governments across the world to improve the condition of youth in their respective countries. To keep youth on the right track, a lot of nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations are also working towards providing the youth with youth enhancement services, education, vocational training, … [Read more...]

Sample Proposal on Empowerment and Entrepreneurship to boost Information and Communication Technology

Unemployment is not a mere lack of work. It can result in a serious threat to any country. Its probable consequences can be increase in crime rate, loss of working skills, political instability, slow or stagnant economic growth, mental health problems, incompetency and a lot more. It is for these reasons that other than government, a lot of nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations are coming up to help youth fight unemployment and make a living. If you, as an NGO, are also working to … [Read more...]

Sample Proposal on Safe Abortion and Family Planning

For a healthy nation, we need to have healthy kids and to have healthy kids, we need to have strong mothers. Though, due to the absence of family planning, safe abortion services, unawareness of contraceptive methods and abortion counseling, the health of mothers and future mothers, gets compromised. And in many cases, it is not just the health but the lives as well. According to WHO data, the risk rate for unsafe abortion is 1/270. According to other sources, unsafe abortion is responsible … [Read more...]