Sample Proposals on Sustainable Skills and Empowerment Program

Young people are some of the greatest change-makers and innovators we have. Young minds generate more fresh and innovative ideas that lead to the development of any country. But, today youth is facing some serious challenges regarding skills and jobs. It is the situation of utter worry that the limited exposure to the vocational and sustainable skills development opportunities has restricted the creative abilities of children and young people. Most of the youth in developing economies are currently without work, not studying, or engaged in irregular or informal employment, thereby increasing the chances of social unrest. Sustainable skills development and vocational training is an important tool for any country’s social and economic growth. To raise employment among youth, a skill-based training is the need of an hour, enabling young people to make a smooth transition to work. This alternative educational path gives a chance to young people to grow professionally. It helps the young generation to make them self-reliant which will in turn reduces the issues of unemployment and dependency. Technical Education and Vocational Training comprises formal, non-formal and informal learning that fulfills the demand for skilled workers in the job market. Uganda is in dire need to opt for vocational training education to create opportunities for its targeted group (children and youth) who are in and out of the school. The labor market of Uganda is becoming more specialized demanding high skilled people in every sector. Therefore, understanding the importance of vocational training education, several organizations in Uganda are committed to equipping youth with the required skills for their future job endeavors. As an advocate for children and youth missing out on education and necessary skills, these organizations also appeal to the government for more vocational institutes and to sensitize the public about the significance of adopting vocational education.

This sample proposal will enlighten our viewers with the project that intends to run a programme for church based schools in Uganda. To get detail information about the project, view our sample proposal on “Sustainable Skills and Empowerment Program”. If you are a Premium Member (Standard), Sign in here to view the full proposal. Not yet a Premium Member? Sign up here.

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